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Take a Tour of the Past

If you are a history buff and love to visit places of old still around today, then there is no better place to visit than the mills of Ozark County. Many of the mills have become very popular over the years due to different attractions they offer such as canoeing, restaurants, stores, and of course, a step back in history.


This particular mill is perhaps one of the most popular. Here you can grab a canoe, a raft, or a tube and spend a few hours floating the crystal clear waters of the North Fork/White River. After a day in the water, visitors can visit the store and souvenir shop or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant. There are also many live bands brought in during the summer for live entertainment at Dawt Mill.


Up the stream from Dawt Mill is Hodgson Mill. You may recognize the name from Hodgson Mill Flour. Though the mill is no longer creating the flour, a more modern day facility in a nearby town is producing the flour. Even though it’s not producing the flour, the mill has almost been completely restored to its original state. Visitors to the mill can watch the millstone turn along with the paddle like it did back in the day and visit the store selling homemade items.


Rockbridge Mill is on Bryant Creek. When you visit the mill, you can also see other historical building such as a bank and trout farm. Speaking of trout...people come from all over to visit Rockbridge Mill and eat at their restaurant. Rockbridge Mill no longer functions, but it is a beautiful site to visit.

If you are looking to take a step back in time, then a mill tour is the perfect activity while visiting the Ozarks. The great thing is that these mills are only a short drive from Blue Lady Resort. Grab a pen and paper, write down some directions from the locals, and get ready for an amazing day of learning, relaxing, and fun.